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What do I need to book a wedding harpist?

When I was getting married in 2021, I really got to see the wedding process from a bride’s perspective, not just as a vendor! There was so much information out there about booking vendors and planning your big day, however I felt like it was hard to make decisions because I was missing some of the details. So, if you like knowing all the details before you take the plunge, this article is for you.

Minimum information needed to book a wedding musician

When you first reach out to a harpist or any other wedding musician, there’s only a few things we really need to know. The rest of the details we can iron out later, but these few things help get the ball rolling and let us get information back to you promptly.

Wedding date

This one might seem like a given, but ever since COVID-19 brought lockdowns and ever-changing plans, you probably wouldn’t be surprised how many people reach out without a final confirmed date! Unfortunately, this is the one thing we need to know so we can let you know if we are even available for your wedding. Unlike some of your other wedding vendors, we are just one person or a small group that performs together, so we can only be one place at a time. In my inquiry form, I do ask that you provide a date, however if your final plans are still up in the air, there’s also the place to tell me that too.


If the wedding date is the #1 most important information we need to know right off the bat, your venue is a close second. Some venues are a bit harder to navigate with the harp than others, and venues outside of the harpist’s general area might be subject to additional travel fees. For example: even though I’m based out of the Ottawa area, I am happy to travel to neighbouring cities like Kingston or Montréal, they’re just outside of the travel radius included in my wedding packages.

Estimated performance length/start time

This is more something you as a couple need to know more than me at the first contact. If you’re on a tighter budget or have other plans for music for your wedding day, knowing how long you want to have harp music for before we get into the nitty gritty helps you manage your expectations, and gives me a clearer idea of my schedule before your event! My standard wedding packages include ceremony; ceremony and cocktail hour; ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner; and everything plus the first dances. Don’t be afraid to reach out though if your plans don’t perfectly match with a package – I’m also happy to create custom quotes to perfectly suit your wedding vision!


What else do I need to book a wedding harpist?

Apart from the 3 essential pieces of information, there’s a few more things your harpist or wedding musician needs to/likes to know as part of the booking process.

Performance location – indoors or outdoors

The harp is a pretty delicate and expensive instrument, and unfortunately it’s not completely weather-proof. While there is a wide range of climates the harp can be performed in, the best is always going to be indoors at a consistent temperature. Your harpist or other wedding musician should know whether they’ll be performing outside or inside as part of your planning process together, and many musicians have additional contract elements for outdoor weddings to protect their instrument.

Parking and setup information at venue

Not every venue is easy to get to and set up in, especially not when wheeling a bulky harp in front of you! Knowing the flattest and closest route to where the harp will be set up for your wedding is crucial so we’re prepared for your big day, and can alleviate any potential red flags once we reach the venue. When in doubt, the best route will always be one that’s wheelchair accessible with direct parking so the harp doesn’t have to be left unattended.

What other vendors are included in your day

Ok so this one isn’t completely required, but I always appreciate knowing ahead of time what other key vendors (like your photographer, planner, and officiant) you have booked already. The wedding industry is pretty small, so there’s a good chance I’ve already met or worked with the other vendors on your team. Letting me know ahead of time who else is a part of your big day will let me introduce myself, ask if they need anything specific from me, and get excited with them about your wedding!

What music you’d like played for your wedding

A common misconception – you don’t need to know exactly what songs you’d like played for your wedding when you book your harpist! We’re here to help you select the perfect pieces to tell your love story, whether they’re familiar favourites or new discoveries! Most musicians can also take special requests for songs, provided you let them know far enough in advance that they have time to practice before your wedding.

Have everything you need?

I can’t wait to hear all the details about your wedding! Send me over the basics and let’s start talking about bringing the beauty of harp music to your big day.